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The Recovery Model

The Recovery Model

A few years ago the manager of a mental health charity that I was volunteering at asked me to help them communicate the concept of ‘The Recovery Model’ to their staff in an accessible and easily digestible form.  I’d never heard of the recovery model but they handed me a couple of articles: one by Jacobson and Greenley, and a print out of the recovery model’s wikipedia page (which is now re-directed to what wikipedia calls the ‘Recovery approach’).

Draw a f***ing diagram!

My old physics tutor Howard Stockley taught me that whenever approaching a new problem one should always set about drawing (a f***ing) diagram.  As I read the sources I’d been given I set about trying to piece together what they were both communicating.  This presentation is the result of that process.  Almost all of the content comes from those two sources.  All I did was add my own spin and draw a diagram to knit the information together.

You are welcome to use this presentation or parts of it in your own work.  All I ask is that you please credit me and give a link to my website.