Psychic plumbing

The plumber

AlchemyThe word ‘plumber’ comes from the latin ‘plumbarius’ meaning one who works with lead.  In the past water pipes were made of lead and this is where our usual definition comes from.  But another profession is famous for its work with lead, that of the alchemist.

One objective for the alchemists was to find a way of turning base metals into the noble metals of gold and silver.  In the physical sense they never succeeded but the heart of alchemy is spiritual.  The transformation of lead into gold is an analogy for personal transmutation, purification, and perfection.  The alchemist is a worker in lead; the psychotherapist is a plumber.

The psychic

The word psychic has the same root as the word psyche meaning ‘animating spirit’ which in turn comes from the greek ‘psukhe’ meaning ‘life, mind, soul, or breath’.

When we breathe together we synchronise and relax into rapport.  As this empathic connection forms understandings can pass.  These can take the form of words, visual impressions, or a felt sense – just as you experience in your dreams.  These are completely natural experiences but they come at a cost: you need to pay attention.

An external guide can help direct your attention, provide support, and enable you to create the conditions for you to become sensitive to your own internal voices, pictures, and feelings.  You become your own psychic.

Plumbing: a system of pipes

Every time we interact with a person (animal, thing or place) then a relationship is created.  While we are connected we can exchange ideas, emotions, and understanding.  It is as if there is a flexible, invisible pipe between us through which this energy flows.  In the Hawaiian Huna teaching these are known as ‘aka cords’.

Much of the time these pipes are created and then fall away.  For example, when we meet a friend of a friend, chat with a shop assistant, or admire a beautiful flower.  We interact with them, move on, and they gradually fade from our memory.  Other pipes are more robust.  Our invisible connection with friends, lovers, and pets stays with us even when we are apart and this is generally felt to be a good thing.  A sense of togetherness.

Disconnecting from drains

Unfortunately strong connections are also created when we have traumatic experiences.  Perhaps we are still haunted by the memory of the school bully who made us scared, the winging colleague who made us angry, or the look in the eye of the suffering child we felt sorry for.  Some of your energy goes into them and some of their energy comes into you in a kind of hand shake that is difficult to let go.  This results in a sense of confusion (a lack of clarity about who you are as a result of the merging together) and can be very emotionally draining.

A common coping strategy is to try to cut these people off (versions of this are practiced by some spiritual healers as ‘cord cutting’).  However this can leave those aspects of energy that have been exchanged cut off too.  Part of them is still in you and part of you is still in them.  You have tried to forget and yet history repeats itself as you keep attracting similar life situations.

The psychic plumbing approach is to re-connect the pipes in order to allow any trapped emotion to make its way back to the person it originated from.  As the energy re-balances a deep sense of understanding is created, true forgiveness occurs, and the pipe dissolves away on its own.  As the connection falls away both parties can go their separate ways and be free.

Reconnecting with source

Ancestral healingAnother important network of connections is the family.  As we strip back the emotional layers it becomes apparent that the dynamic between our parents creates the environment for our earliest development.  Our first sexual experience was that of our own conception.  During our time in the womb we are plumbed in to the experiences of our mother and absorb her emotions like an emotional sponge.  If she is not feeling loved and cared for by our father then we will sense that too.  After our birth there is a good four years of further absorption as a baby before we even get to our earliest memories.

If the connections to our mother and father are open and flowing then we have access to a deep sense of security and confidence.  Sadly this is often polluted or broken by abuse, ignorance, or separation.  Many people go through their whole lives proving they are not like their parents and try to get their deepest needs for love and approval met by other people – especially romantic partners.

Psychically reconnecting with our parents is often very challenging and can bring up very strong emotions such as rage, grief, and guilt.  What if your parents knew how the effect that they had had on you?  Would it upset them?  Are you protecting your parents from the truth?  If you are then you are carrying emotional baggage that someone else packed for you.

In the psychic plumbing approach the re-establishment of open, positive connections with parents is a key step towards emotional freedom.  But it is not just about re-connecting the relationship between you and your mum and dad.  Your mother is your grandmother’s daughter and your father is your grandfather’s son.  For the energy to flow the whole ancestry must be in alignment.  The sediment of guilt can be flushed through, blocks can be dissolved, old traumas can heal, and the family can come together.

Just like the hot and cold running water in the home it is the harmony between the masculine and feminine energy transmitted through your family that gives you the ability to flow in life with confidence and gratitude.  This is your birthright.

Plumbing the depth of experience

Into the unknownWhen an experience is too much for us one way of coping is to find a way of forgetting it.  When we deny the reality of an experience we shroud it in negation.  Common phrases that indicate this include ‘I can’t believe it’, ‘That’s not me’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘I’ve turned over a new leaf’, ‘I feel uncomfortable’ (the ‘un’ is the negation of the actual experience).  We are avoiding the memory – that is to say that we are placing it in a void, a black hole.  Paradoxically nothing contains something.

The black hole is dark from the outside, has a great gravitational pull, and going into it would cause time to slow down.  There is a position in the black hole beyond which it is impossible to escape: the event horizon.  The prospect of loosing control and falling into the unknown is scary so we use strategies to prevent ourselves from going there.

The problem is that there is an aspect of us trapped in time in the universe on the other side of the event horizon.  There is a younger us that is constantly experiencing what it was that we tried to avoid.  This is why we can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely.  We are lonely because there is an aspect of us alone in the black hole – because that’s where we left him / her.

The psychic plumbing approach supports you as you journey to re-connect with any aspects of you that may be trapped in time.  You will let go of coping strategies such as anxieties, addictions, and distractions.  Then you will choose to go into the unknown and do whatever needs to be done in order to reunite with the aspect of you that is lost in there.

As the healing happens and you come back to yourself you will realise that the hole that used to drive your behaviour has filled up from the inside.  It is as if it was never there.  You no longer attract the situations that used to make you react.  You are more completely yourself now.

The principles of psychic plumbing

The following general principles guide my work:

  • You can have what you want if you are prepared to experience the consequences
  • Your symptoms are the signposts that point to the place where the true healing is required
  • Stress is a way of containing something
  • Nothing contains something
  • You are good (any other beliefs are due to confusion)
  • Your energy belongs in your body living life right now
  • You have the right to eject any energy that does not belong
  • Parents are responsible for the welfare of their children
  • Your relationship with your blood ancestry is analogous to your relationship with yourself
  • The love and approval of your parents is your birthright

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