My story

This video was filmed in my East London therapy room in 2011.

I first learned about NLP and its related fields in 2001 while working as a management consultant to a large insurance firm. The casual observer may have seen a bright, independent, successful young man but inside I was in turmoil. Though I enjoyed elements of my work I felt trapped and stressed. I experienced mood swings and believed, deep down inside, that I was an inadequate failure – something I tried desperately to cover up from others and myself.

While at a particularly low ebb a colleague recommended someone who they said may be able to help me. I had heard a little about hypnosis and NLP but didn’t think they could help someone with problems as big as mine. Initially my pride held me back and I thought the price was a bit high but came to the conclusion that if he could help me to achieve a fraction of the result we had discussed it would be excellent value.

At the start of the session I was sceptical but open and honest and willing to follow the instructions I was given. When the therapist guided me through Time Line Therapy to clear negative emotions from my memories I was blown away by the result: the shame which had dominated my life since my teens had completely disappeared! With it went lots of the other issues I had been experiencing. I could hardly believe that it was possible to experience so much change so quickly; and, with some help from the therapist, it was me who had done it. It was as if a door had opened: ‘If this is possible, what else is possible?’

This was the first of many significant breakthrough moments in my personal development.    Over the years I have worked with many different therapists utilising a variety of therapeutic approaches.  Some were atrocious.  Others impressed me so much that I became one of their students.  One day I hope to be ready to pass my knowledge onto others.

I have gained a lot from my personal psychotherapy and it is a great pleasure to be able to offer the same to others.  It is an honour to be invited to work with you and a joy to see you benefit from the experience.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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5 thoughts on “My story

    1. Richard Evans-Lacey Post author

      Hi Lorraine,

      Thanks for your comment.

      If your daughter recognises that there is a problem and is motivated to do something about it then yes, I can probably help. If this is the case and if she is still financially dependant I would recommend that you start by having a conversation with her to discuss the possibility of therapy and to agree how sessions will be funded. With this support in place she can then contact me herself and we can have a chat about the issues as she sees them and book our first session.

      Does that help?


  1. bibi Jones

    Richard your story is very encouraging i am studying counselling myself and find it heling me in my personal life.thank you for sharing your story.

    1. Richard Evans-Lacey Post author

      Hi Rashmond,

      You already have all the voodoo power you need. The simple truth is that everything is just they way you are choosing it to be … right now.

      I am happy to work with anyone who is committed to taking responsibility for their lives. Are you?



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