Psychotherapy for relationships

Problems in the family or primary relationship?  Are you hurt by or hurting the people you love most?  Are the relationships worth saving?

When we are close to people we tend to hold back less and say things in the heat of the moment.  We often assume that we know what people are thinking and interpret their behaviour in one way when their actual intention may be completely different.  Eventually the very sight or thought of someone can trigger negative emotions from the past – creating new problems now.

The change process will help you to be honest with each other about the way things are now and develop a shared sense of what you would like your relationship to be like in the future.  You may have some individual ‘stuff’ to work on before you can regain your sense of connection, appreciate the best in each other and choose how you would like to continue.

I believe it is best but not essential for all parties involved to decide to work through things together.  I never see people who have been ‘sent’ to me.

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