How are you?

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Hi, my name is Richard. I’ve been working as a psychological coach since 2002 and as a registered psychotherapist since 2008.

I help people become free of the emotional ‘stuff’ that is blocking them in their personal or professional lives.

I have an integrative approach to psychotherapy incorporating NLP modelling, virtual family constellations, and energy work.

Sessions can be intense so I like to keep things as relaxed and light-hearted as possible.

Taking the first step is often the most challenging. When you are ready you can request a free 30 minute consultation, or call me on 020 7377 1918 so we can talk about your unique situation.

Why Psychic Plumbing?

What if your home plumbing was going wrong and periodically flooded your home?  You tried fixing it with gaffer tape but that didn’t quite work.  How long would it be before you called in a professional?

  • Pipes are your relationships with yourself, other people, and other things.
  • Water is the energy you give and receive when you are communicating.
  • Blockages are the emotional contractions that surround memories of unresolved traumatic experiences.  These memories contain dissociated aspects of yourself and intruded ‘stuff’ that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Pressure is the frustration that you experience when you try to control your responses to life events.
  • Cracks are the scary places in yourself that you do your best to avoid.
  • Gaffer tape is coping behaviour that you have developed in order to stop the cracks from appearing.
  • Leaks are the energy that you loose because coping takes so much effort.
  • Reconnection is the experience of facing your fears by turning towards the people and things you have been avoiding.  You need to reconnect in order to identify and release blockages.
  • Flow is the experience of a more enlightened life.

Is this you?

I work with self-referred mentally well adults (individuals, couples, and businesses) with ‘stuff’.

  • By self-referred I mean that you are choosing to come and see me. This is important as the work we do can be intense and challenging. Unless you want to do it for you then the chances are that you won’t get the full benefit.
  • By mentally well I mean that you are not severely mentally ill, delusional, dangerous, or out of control and that we both have broadly the same sense of a shared reality. Not entirely, of course, as your stuff will affect the way you experience the world (as mine does for me). I’m pretty open minded towards any weird / psychic / spiritual experiences you may have had.
  • By ‘stuff‘ I mean that you are aware of some emotions / beliefs / reactions / tensions / blocks / obsessions / compulsions / addictions / repeating patterns / other symptoms that are preventing your experience of life from being as awesome as it could be.

The benefits of psychotherapy

Less of this More of this
  • Negativity and avoidance
  • Anger and frustration
  • Sadness and depression
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Guilt and self-hatred
  • Pressure and stress
  • Addiction and compulsion
  • Victim-hood and blame
  • Illness and comfort eating
  • Confusing relationships and sexual dysfunction
  • The same old patterns repeating themselves
  • Awareness and choice
  • Passion and success
  • Enjoyment and expression
  • Courage and self-confidence
  • Pleasure and self-esteem
  • Responsiveness and resilience
  • Freedom and inspiration
  • Empowerment and personal responsibility
  • Fitness and natural weight loss
  • Clear communication and intimacy
  • New possibilities emerging

Richard Evans-Lacey, Psychotherapist

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with qualifications and training in Psychotherapy, NLP and family healing / energy work.

Like all psychotherapists I am committed to:

  • Honouring the trust you place in me,
  • Respecting your right to choose for yourself,
  • Promoting your well-being (I am professionally supervised),
  • Avoiding causing you harm (I am comprehensively insured),
  • Treating you fairly, and
  • Practising what I preach by caring for myself.

How I work

I like to start with your everyday experience of being. As we talk there will probably be a moment when you touch on something that evokes an emotional response.  This is a signpost or doorway to deeper healing.

When these doorways present themselves we can transition from ‘talking about’ to ‘moving through’. In this phase I make much use of my external energetic awareness to support and guide you as you remember and heal your relationships with the difficult people and traumatic situations that have been driving your life.  Sometimes this may involve some intense emotions rising to the surface and being expressed in a safe and responsible way.  Sometimes it can involve moving into a profound state of relaxation.

After a change has happened in the therapy room I am keen that you continue that into your everyday life. At the end of a session we will usually agree some real world practical homework which we will review at the beginning of the next session.

Your choice of psychotherapist

Therapy can be a significant financial investment.  While my sessions are certainly not cheap I do believe they offer good value for money.


Depth of change
Speed of change
Complex symptoms are the result of relatively simple root causes.  Together we can find and heal old traumas that drive your current behaviour. Talking about your problems is not always enough to change them.  My approach is gently direct and I will coach you to face your fears and express your emotions.
Empowering teamwork Irreverence
Your symptoms are indications that you have coped with past traumas.  I will coach you to harness your core-rage and channel it in a healing direction. I take you totally seriously but our time together doesn’t have to be.  It is usual for there to be tears in one moment and laughter in the next.
Energetic rapport Positivity
I am able to sense the energy in and around your body.  If there are blockages we can remove or dissolve them together. Negativity is a symptom of avoidance.  I will guide you into the void, through the darkness, and bring you back to your natural positive self.
Time Flexibility
A standard 50 minute therapy ‘hour’ is over in no time. I offer longer sessions to make your visits more valuable. I offer flexible appointment times from 8am to 7pm according to our moving schedules.  We can meet face to face or over the telephone.

East London therapy room

We can meet at my home office in One Bartholomew Square, Bethnal Green, East London E1.

The therapy room is welcoming and comfortable

Our beautiful garden overlooks a converted church

It is a 3 minute walk from Bethnal Green overground station (from Liverpool Street station), a 4 minute walk from Bethnal Green Underground station (Central line) and a 7 minute walk from Whitechapel underground station (District, Hammersmith & City, and East London lines).

Next steps

If you are interested in the possibility of working together you can request a free 30 minute consultation, or call me on 020 7377 1918 so we can talk about your unique situation.

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