Business psychotherapy

Are your old strategies around working longer and harder wearing you out?  Are you a different person at work and at home?  Are you experiencing issues around confidence, assertiveness, creativity, decision making, time management, or team working?  Do you have a sense that there is frustrated energy that could be freed up and channeled into more productive output?  If you are answering ‘yes’ to these questions then business psychotherapy may help.

What is business psychotherapy?

Our personal lives affect our performance at work and our work lives affect our overall enjoyment of life.  In business psychotherapy we work together to identify the emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, and strategies that are effecting your effectiveness.  We use a variety of techniques to discover the true nature of the problems and to heal them at their roots.  As you heal you become more accepting of yourself and more authentic in your interactions with others.  By aligning your work responsibilities with your natural abilities you are likely to become more passionate, more effective, and ultimately more successful.

How does it work?

  • I can set up a therapy room at your premises or clients can engage with me remotely
  • I generally work with the leader before I work with members of their team
  • All sessions are confidential and I do not write diagnoses or progress reports
  • The content of sessions is guided by the outcomes of the client in the room at that time and may include issues from their business and personal life
  • Suitable for clients who are ready to take personal responsibility, adopt an attitude of curiosity, face their fears, and make changes in their life
  • Fees may be paid by the individual or invoiced directly to the business

What is the difference between Business Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching?

Business psychotherapy can be a great complement for any executive coaching that you may already have in place.  The following kinds of distinctions are often made, however, it is likely that good psychotherapy incorporates some coaching, and vice versa.

  • Coaching is more outward looking and outcome oriented, psychotherapy is more inward looking and process oriented
  • Coaches are motivational, psychotherapists are exploratory
  • Coaching works towards a desired future, psychotherapy helps you become free of the past
  • Coaches encourage positivity, psychotherapists encourage acceptance

For more on the differences between psychotherapy and coaching you can read my blog post.

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