Small print

Start and finish times

Sessions start and end at the times we agree upfront.  In the event that you are late then this will reduce the amount of time we have together in that session. In the event I am not able to start on time I will offer you a pro-rata refund and (if possible) the full session length.

Any variations to a standard session length may be agreed between us and charged pro-rata.

Cancellation policy

I always do my best to keep an appointment and expect the same of my clients. If something unexpected does come up then appointments are flexible and may be moved, free of charge, so long as you give more than 48 hours of notice.

If you do not show for an appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice then the pre-paid session fee is forfeited and must be re-paid in order to book another appointment.  I generally waive this in case of illness or bereavement but not for sessions cancelled due to leisure plans, or conflicting family / work commitments.

This cuts both ways and in the event that I have to cancel an appointment at late notice I will offer you a free session.


Sessions bought in blocks are not refundable.  But they can be kept “in the bank” for use at a future date.  If you are unsure if you will use all the sessions in a block it may be better to choose to pay as you go.

Sessions that have been used are not refundable. Sometimes clients are disappointed that they did not achieve what they hoped to in therapy. This can be for many reasons and, because of this, it is not possible for a therapist to guarantee results. If you are not happy with your progress please discuss it in a session so we can explore the possibility of doing things differently or getting you referred to another therapist who may be a better fit.

Confidentiality and other ethics

I adhere to a comprehensive and strict code of ethics as set out by the NLPtCA.

The following excerpt is taken from the part of the code covering confidentiality:

3.1 The psychotherapy / counseling relationship is confidential between the Member and client in two ways: i) the fact that a person is or has been a client, or has enquired about becoming a client, must remain confidential; ii) the content of any interaction between Member and client is confidential and must not be disclosed.

3.2 Contact by the Member regarding the client’s therapeutic relationship with the Member with third parties including relatives and friends of the client should happen only with the express knowledge and consent of the client. Exceptions may only be made in the following circumstances:? i) where minors (under 16) are involved ii) in the case of clients who the Member has reason to believe would be a danger to themselves or to others iii) if disclosure is ordered by a Judge, Coroner or other similar official having such powers.


I attend supervision meetings on a monthly basis to discuss my casework and development as a psychotherapist. This is a professional requirement.  I do not disclose the full name of a client during these sessions.


If you are not satisfied with an aspect of my work please tell me! I am an imperfect mind reader and may not have noticed something that is very important to you.  I am sure we will be able to satisfactorily resolve any issue between ourselves.

In the unlikely event that you feel it is necessary to take things further then you can then contact the NLPtCA and they will guide you through a formal complaints procedure.


I hold professional indemnity insurance to £5,000,000

I am insured by: Holistic Insurance Services, 183A Watling Street West, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6BX. 01327 354 249.  Policy number: HIS5479.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Advanced Criminal Record Certificate

I hold a DBS (formerly known as Criminal Records Bureau or CRB) Advanced Criminal Record Certificate dated 6 December 2016, number 001555266198 (this means that I am NOT a criminal!)