Daddy or chips?

Are you finding it difficult to make a decision?  Torn between different courses of action or knotted up inside?  Does your inability to make a congruent choice prevent you from moving on with your life?

Decisions can involve weighing up many factors and it can be difficult to know which are the most important to you.  Seemingly conflicting priorities can make us feel like we are in 2 minds: flipping from one viewpoint to the other and arguing from their different and irreconcilable perspectives. We either keep on changing our decision or simply feel stuck.

Eliciting and prioritising your values can reduce a complex evaluation into manageable chunks.  Conflicts can often be simplified and reduced to a desire on one hand, balanced by a fear on the other with this conflict having a pervasive effect on life.  By exploring the conflict and re-acquainting the hands massive energetic shifts are often possible.  The choice may no longer seem so urgent or new and innovative options may come to mind as new directions present themselves.

Oh, and why the title?  Check out this video of a little girl making a difficult decision:

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