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Alan Watts on how nothing contains everything

I was talking with a friend yesterday about my theory on how we cope with trauma by separating from our bodies and putting space between the observing us and the embodied us experiencing the trauma over there.  And how, if this is not shaken out at the time, this frightening experience, this frightening thing over there, gets forgotten, get’s negated.  It gets contained within a no-thing … a black hole within ourselves.  A black hole that we are afraid of.  A black hole that we distract ourselves from or fill up with anxieties and addictions.  A black hole that contains a part of us … stuck in time.

My friend asked me if I had ever heard of Alan Watts and suggested I check him out on YouTube.  I have just done so and I’m very impressed with what I found:

Help! I’m stuck on an emotional roller-coaster!

Do seemingly small things stir up strong feelings of anger, sadness, fear, guilt or depression? You try to push the feelings away but they keep on coming back stronger and stronger?

Uncomfortable emotions build up over time because they were not fully resolved in the moment they arose.  Situations in the now can bring back emotions that have been growing since childhood.  Rather than helping us to react to situations they begin to be a burden … our overreactions can become difficult for those we live and work with.  The constant presence of these emotions demanding our attention distorts our experience of life and we can begin to perceive the world as a negative place to be.

Releasing emotions from your memories using regression techniques such as Time Line Therapy or directly from your body lets you return to a normal calm, relaxed state of being that many people describe as like ‘coming home’.  The energy that was trapped inside becomes available to you again and you become balanced. You will still experience emotions but they are appropriate to the situation and you can work with them rather than against them.  You will have more choices over your actions and may find that situations that used to cause you problems simply do not develop any more.