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I believe I’m a failure … and keep on proving myself right

Do you expect certain situations to go badly, feel bad about it, perform badly and prove yourself right?  Do you avoid certain situations entirely?  Are you trying to keep up appearances but feel hollow inside – as if you are about to cave in?  Deep down inside do you believe that you are a failure, not good enough, a bad person or unworthy?

At certain times in our lives the images we have built for ourselves can begin to get a bit shaky as aspects of ourselves we have ignored come to the surface and demand our attention. Seemingly complex situations are often underpinned by the limiting beliefs about ourselves that we took on early in our lives.  These beliefs affect the way we perceive the world, the way we feel in ourselves, the way we act and, therefore, the results that we get. The cycle continues.

By resolving the underlying issues you are able to stop acting. Limiting beliefs disappear when you realise, at the deepest level, that they are not and never were actually true.  Your natural confidence returns and you feel whole again.  You can behave and interact in an authentic way – allowing others to see the real you.