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Psychotherapy for public speaking

Do you clam up when it comes to talking in front of people?  Do your nerves prevent you from thinking clearly and acting confidently when you need to?  Would you be more successful if you were able to be more relaxed and confident?

Stage fright and examination nerves are examples of stress reactions.  Stress can help us to perform at our best but too much of it prevents us from thinking or communicating clearly.  These reactions can be a phobic type response to very specific triggers or be an example of a more general fear of being ‘seen’ or judged.  For some they may even be protecting from the unwanted consequences of being successful.

Working effectively with these issues requires more than just covering them up by acting confident – this could come across as a flimsy arrogance and may break down after a while.  True mastery will allow you to accept yourself and open up to others.  What used to feel stressful can then be an exciting opportunity to help others understand your point of view, to invite them to change their minds, to be inspired by your passion, and to be motivated to take action.

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Phobia of psychologists!

Are you terrified at even the thought of something?  Spiders, injections, flying, heights, crowds, confined spaces?  Does the fear manifest itself into physical symptoms?  Does the fear of your fear prevent you from doing certain things or going to certain places?

Phobias and panic attacks are intense fears and stress reactions which occur as a response to very specific triggers.  They often stem from a single and highly traumatic experience and are your emotional body’s way of trying to keep you safe.  The irony is that the panic and terror can reduce your ability to take appropriate action – actually putting you in far more danger.

Unlike ‘exposure therapy’ (that puts a person into the situation that they are reacting to until they can manage their emotions or, perhaps, develop a phobia of psychologists!) my approach is to work with the source of the reactions and is designed to be as comfortable as possible at all times.  It will help you to have the benefits of awareness without the negative consequences.  You may not actually like the thing you used to dread but you will have regained a sense of perspective and have more choices available to you.