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Psychotherapy for sexual issues

Do you want to be able to relax and let go in bed?  Do you want to experience more or better orgasms?  Want to learn to help your partner to experience more pleasure?

Sex is one of are most basic and natural instinctive acts – a joining at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  Many things can prevent us from sharing this connection: guilt, fear, self-image issues, inhibitions, childhood trauma, performance anxiety, lack of sex drive, sexual incompatibility and the like.  A sexual problem can often have it’s roots in other aspects of our life.

Working as a single or a couple you will learn to be open and honest about the way that you feel.  You will explore what you would like sex to be like and what needs to change in order to experience it.  Change work may include releasing energy blocks in the body, emotions and deciding to live by new values.  Practical assignments will help you to rediscover your sexual self and each other. All clients are encouraged to read my book ‘Sex in Mind’.

Working as a psychotherapist it is against my ethics to engage in any sexual contact with clients.  That means that sessions on sexual issues will involve no physical touch.  If you are interested in sex therapy in which touch is included I recommend you seek out a ‘Daka’ or ‘Dakini’.  These are therapists – often with a strong interest in tantra – who are trained to work more intimately than my ethics allow.

Blurb for search engine optimisation: if you are experiencing sexual issues then an nlp master practitioner in east london is a good place to consider finding help.  As these issues are largely unconscious sensitive use of hypnotherapy in east london can go to a depth that simply talking about the issue cannot.  If a psychotherapist in east london isn’t what you are looking for then a daka or dakini may be the answer.