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Can NLP help with my physical illness?

Are you suffering from an injury or dis-ease of some sort?  Have you found that ‘conventional’ medicine has not achieved the results you desire (or has unwelcome side effects)?  Are you keen to learn to utilise your mind to accelerate the healing process?

The existence of psychosomatic illnesses and the placebo effect are well documented. Controversial cutting-edge research is making explicit links between unexpected traumatic emotional events and the existence of cancer in the body.  Quantum level theories are beginning to describe the link between thought and matter.  We are being challenged to think about wellness in a new and holistic way.

Releasing negative emotions and any limiting beliefs about your dis-ease will enable you to relax more fully and allow the natural healing process to take it’s course.  This healing may be accelerated by helping your mind to concentrate your energy on making you well again.

I recommend that you consult your GP first if you feel unwell.  If you are currently under treatment I may require a letter of consent from your GP before we start working together.