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I’m managing to do more work than my team

Do you manage a team of people?  Are you sometimes frustrated at a lack of motivation or performance?  Do you end up doing most of the important things yourself?  Would you like to understand more and help the team to work at its full potential?

Leading a team of people can be difficult and stressful.  Trying to make people do what you want can be met with resistance and many find it difficult to know how much control to let go of.  Leaders can experience anxiety and team members can feel as if they are not understood or supported.

An effective team starts with an authentic and charismatic leader who knows the direction they want to go in.  Developing this sense of direction and becoming comfortable and confident in yourself will help you to influence those around you. When you have learned coaching skills you will be more able to develop and utilise the natural strengths and motivations of your team.  You can help your team to become inspired, happy, self-regulating and achieve significant performance improvements.