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Eat less pies, exercise!

Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see?  Do you eat foods that you know are not right for you and then feel guilty afterwards?  Does the thought of the gym fill you with dread? Fed up with yo-yo dieting?

Everyone knows that having the body you desire is all about eating well and taking appropriate exercise. Sometimes certain foods can seem so tempting that they are difficult to resist.  Previous bad experiences of exercise can form negative associations which make it difficult to enjoy it.  The goals we set ourselves can be focussed on what we don’t want – causing us to loose motivation as we achieve success.  The deeper problem may be that we do not feel comfortable with or worthy of the attention that will come when we look more attractive.

The first step toward changing your body is changing your mind: identifying patterns, learning from the past and transforming any barriers to success.  By gaining a deep understanding what is really important to you you will be able to focus your energy more fully on what you want to achieve.  You will set realistic and motivating goals and enjoy the process of feeling and looking fitter.

The following video is a deadly serious academic lecture on weight loss that I gave while I was trying to work out how to record and edit video: