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Explore your sexual fantasies with me at the Erotic event at the Barbican Centre on Thursday 26th August

Lara from the Whoopee Club has invited me to contribute to this event as part of the Barbican’s “Surreal House” event. Her initial brief was for me to provide a psychoanalysis of people’s sexual fantasies.

Initially I was tempted to put on a German accent, tweed suit, bow tie, sexy secretary and always come to the conclusion that they are in love with their mum and jealous of their father, or that they think that they are gay but really they are hetro or something. But I had a problem with putting on this performance: I’d be pretending to be an actor pretending to be a psychoanalyst. And then playing with real people’s real sexual fantasies. Just didn’t quite sit right with me.

So I’ll probably be doing something a little bit different. I’ll keep the bow tie and the secretary … but instead of me providing an interpretation of the clients’ fantasies I’ll facilitate them to explore their own and come to their own conclusions. I’ve done quite a lot of work with dreams and metaphors this way and know how powerful it can be, but I’ve never before applied it to sexual fantasies. It’s really got me thinking about why we have these fantasies and what the objective of exploring them might be. I’ll probably have more to say on this as things come to mind.

In the mean time, if you are in London put Thursday in your diary … it’ll be fun!

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26 August 2010
Conservatory Garden Room

Tickets: From £12 online and includes same day admission to the exhibition
subject to availability

Start the Bank Holiday early with a decadent night of performances from Ryan Styles , La John Joseph, Johnny BlueEyes, The Readers, Lucy Longlegs… and many others!

Johnny BlueEyes (House of Blue Eyes) and Lara Clifton (Whoopee/Republic of She), two luminaries of London’s avant-garde performance scene, have joined forces in order to curate ‘Erotic’, a one-off night of exotic surrealist adventures occurring amid the greenery of one of London’s hidden treasures… the Barbican conservatory – a “tropical garden in the sky”! Johnny and Lara will call upon the cream of London’s underground club and art scene for a night of performance, art, dance, poetry, installations, fashion, photo shoots, experimental sounds and pole dancing.

Read more at www.barbican.org.uk