Client comments

The following comments appear with permission.

‘As a natural sceptic I had no expectations – but the result was incredible! I felt a physical as well as an emotional change. I tried to feel that awful feeling again, but no – completely gone – and it never came back.’

Opinion of Liz, 34, Investment Banker

‘I had a session with you a couple of months ago to do with resolving some of my family issues. I kept meaning to write and say how great I felt following our meeting, but the process of noticing little changes in the ways I re-acted to encounters with various family members just kept on going, and ultimately I guess I couldn’t work out how to describe it. I have since spent some very enjoyable times in the company of people I used to find, to be honest, intimidating, because of that misplaced inferiority complex.’

Opinion of Paul, 40, Graphic Designer

‘Firstly I would to thank you for all the time you spent with me. Albeit I confess did approach the project with slight trepidation I have found the results from your counseling sessions amazing / way above and beyond what I thought could be achieved, for which I truly can not thank you enough.

‘However as a result I do (not) anticipate I will need to visit in near future and therefore would you kindly return deposit accordingly. I will of course be in contact if required.’

Opinion of a client who would prefer their name was withheld, 40, Managing Director

‘I … wanted to thank you for your help. I was suprised at how quickly we found one of the core issues for me and have been thinking of how that affects others apects of my life.

‘I felt very at ease and comfortable with you which is very important to me and I know that I have made the right choice to sort this out.’

Opinion of Colin, 45, Project Manager

‘I particularly liked the directness of the session and the fact that the therapist (Richard) is very genuine. I felt really happy afterwards and got a wonderful sense of peace and well being. Since my session I see relationships in a different light, realise there is nothing to do – just be and understand the importance of true love. I would like to know how to retain these feelings and work with them in all aspects of my life.’

Opinion of Donal, 35, Teacher

‘I am doing great – this has definetely been one amazing instant life-change! All my negative feelings have gone – I feel so much better, mentally and physically – relaxed, confident, more alert and awake, and more open than I was before. My inner change is coinciding with some big ‘outer’ changes as well (I hadn’t fully appreciated just how badly things had been going wrong for the last year or so) – But I feel that I can deal with them. The main thing is that I feel like a whole person again, and I’m looking ahead with a really positive outlook.’

Opinion of Andrea, 37, Architect

‘After one amazing session my outlook on life has transformed and the heavy, debilitating emotions I covered up for years have finally lifted. “I’m not ready” was just another excuse!’

Opinion of Mike, 35, Writer

‘Thanks is not quite a big enough word. Just want to tell you how happy I am for your amazing skills and ability to help me.

‘This has been a truly amazing experience and I can’t believe how nice it is to be just me without my brick wall or tension. It really feels like having been released from my own “prison”. I’m proud of having come this far, but I could never had done it without your help and guidance. And I ‘m SO so grateful for that.

‘I do want to see how I feel over the next few weeks and if anything comes up to the surface I will ring for your advice and possible other session. But for now take care and thank you so much.’

Opinion of Hanne, 41, Nurse

‘Hi Richard,

Long time no see. I just thought I would up date you as to my progress since the last time I saw you which was nearly a year ago now.

Well, I am now 3 stone lighter, although still have a further stone and a bit to go and to be honest am really struggling now to keep my focus but hey at least I have lost most of the weight and I will get there one day.

Since seeing you I got fascinated by nlp and having researched it, went on a practitioners course (including the new code) in the summer with the NLP Academy and I passed! However, I still needs loads of practice in it and am intending to do the masters course next June and will hopefully then feel a lot more confident about it. I am also hoping to do timeline therapy and hypnosis but its all quite expensive so will have to do it gradually. My long term aim is to practice as coming to you has really helped me in many areas of my life and I would like to be able to do this for others too. There are still a few areas of my life that need a little more work but am now confident that I will get there. I have started Yoga (oh my gosh I am so inflexible) and on Saturday I am going to my first meditation session and I hope then I may be able to also get my unconscious signals as I haven’t managed it so far.

I had intended to still come and see you at the beginning of the year but never quite got there, so was wondering if it would be possible to be refunded by initial £50 deposit that I paid at the beginning of our sessions or whether too much time has passed?

Anyway, I would like to thank you Richard for all the help that you have given me and wish you all the very best for the future. I do look at your website from time to time to keep up to date with what you are doing.’

Opinion of Lindsey, 51, HR Manager

‘The whole experience was very educational & enlightening. The results (especially from the motivation session) are amazing. I almost can not remember how it felt to have no motivation because now I have SO MUCH. I think its very clever how you can re-programme the mind. Thank you for helping me get myself back.’

Text message received a day or so later:

‘Dear Richard thank you VERY MUCH for your help, and for ALL the things U’ve taught me. Got something FINISHED today in the studio.’

Another text message received a few weeks later:

‘Hi Richard hope you’re well. Just spoke to my bro he was over the moon cos he said the interview was a ROARING SUCCESS+ my 5track showreel with NEW material is nearly ready to shop round to those record companies.’

A third text message received a number of months later:

‘Hi Richard hope you’re well. Haven’t flown 4 a while, till this wk (4 flights) NO ANXIETY at all. In fact enjoyed them. & new single out Nov.’

Opinion of a client who would prefer their details were witheld

‘Having unsuccessfully tried to stop smoking on several occasions, I was convinced that I was a confirmed smoker who hadn’t got the will power or strength to quit. After one NLP session I went from smoking 20 a day to stopping, for good. It wasn’t the painful, miserable experience I’d had with previous attempts, in fact it was enjoyable. Now I feel not only free from the addiction, but free from my own barriers. If I am able to do this thing which seemed so impossible 2 months ago, think what I can achieve! NLP is logical, enlightening and accessible to anyone but most importantly it works. It taught me principals which I can apply to other areas of my life, including my work.’

Opinion of Imogen, 28, Client Director of a Direct Marketing firm

‘… I’ve learnt so much about myself and have experienced positive changes such as liking myself more. I’ve got so much more hope for the future and I’ve accepted that one day, I’ll no longer exist in my present form. I understand that we are constantly dying and being reborn, every moment and that “death” is a continuation of this, so it is the nature of things. Thank you so much for this and for everything.’

Opinion of Ofa, 32, Stock Co-ordinator

‘Prior to my breakthrough, I had explored many ways of overcoming the negative emotions I had experienced regularly and for so long in my life. I wasn’t “broken” but I knew that life could be better. The session made me totally honest with myself about the patterns in my life: when we discovered my key emotional block, it made sense as to why I had consistently failed to get results in certain areas of my life. Since my breakthrough, my life has completely turned around. I feel totally alive for the first time and realise that I can do whatever I chose.’

Opinion of Sarah, 29, Personal Trainer

‘I have been going to the gym now every second day since before Christmas, have lost almost a stone and dropped almost three inches off my waist. Am now officially a size 10 and indeed some 10’s are too big for me…… Wow what a result is that. Thanks for your help and encouragement on that one.’

Opinion of Jenny, 47, Management Consultant

‘Before our work together I was trapped by money and working: I felt like I was a slave trapped in this cycle of disappointment and expectation. Like the universe hated me and my freedom was on the other side of having money. Money was the only thing that takes time from me the only thing that is not balanced in my life but then Richard…

‘I felt listened too and safe during the session. Once we were flowing it seem to be so easy to get clarity and transform. To be honest I did not expect such profound change with such deep issues in one session. Not only did I understand the trap I had laid for myself and that it was me not the universe, but I also made peace with my own mortality. I felt love and acceptance on the other side.

‘Now I feel light and the pressure is gone it is not a matter of life or death anymore. I have time and patience to create my life now. I am happy that I have found Richard, and I am grateful to have him in my life. Thanks Richard.’

Opinion of William, 33, Builder

‘Things have been going fantastically for me since we last met – generally life is a lot less stressful and I feel a great deal happier. Am even about to change jobs and move my career in a new, exciting direction – I chalk it up to your help so thank you!’

Opinion of Jules, 36, Manager

‘I immediately felt comfortable working with you and although some of your techniques were new to me and felt a bit strange at first, you have helped me to heal some deep hurts that I had worked on previously with another therapist to no avail.

‘I looked forward to our sessions and especially appreciated the flexibility of not having a time constraint as I think some of our best work came in the second hour of my sessions. You are warm, compassionate and full of empathy and I always felt that you cared about what I was going through.

‘Thank you again for all your help, support and enlightenment.’

Opinion of Louise, 38, Life Coach

‘I went to the sessions with Richard with a very open mind and with a degree of uncertainty on how he was going to help me achieve what I wanted. However the sessions with Richard proved very uplifting and went far deeper than I had imagined as a result have proved very beneficial to me in understand more about myself and also in that I had all I needed to find the answers to the problems I was facing, I just needed help in finding them. Richard employs very open and frank techniques and was very easy to talk to. I certainly would recommend him if you are considering help with any form of your own self-development.’

Opinion of Darren, 33, Accountant

‘Since my sessions I have gained an understanding of some of my patterns of behaviour, for example, in relationships with the opposite sex. This has left me able to feel confident in being honest with people where before I was not happy to say how I really felt because I didn’t really know. The emotions of fear and guilt were really holding back my acceptance of life. I feel much more able to accept situations and relationships that I am in. I gained an understanding of the principles involved in the therapy process, the simplicity of objectivity. Not only can I apply this to my own situation, but friends have found it useful too. I have much greater potential now to forgive.

‘After my second session in which we had looked for the first time at fear, I felt something had left me – I experienced a lightness and an ease with myself and the world. I realised I did not have to be frightened of life.’

Opinion of Meirion, 30, Freelance outdoor instructor

‘I was blown away by the results of our session, but I wanted to wait and see if the change would be permanent. Four weeks on I know that it is, and looking back I can see that it was a turning point in my life. All sorts of things are slotting into place and I have embarked on a journey of self discovery and a new assertiveness.

‘I’m really interested in the stuff that you’ve been sending through and trying to figure out what I can get involved in, so please keep it coming. Bethnal Green is a bit of a trek but I feel sure our paths will be crossing again soon! In the meantime I’ve been telling everyone about our session and have also given your book away (I’m prepared to admit to a slight vested interest..!) so I hope it results in some more happy customers.

‘Thanks Richard. Really – thanks a million. I so needed that breakthrough. Could you tell!?!?!? I’m a sucker for quotes, and here’s one of my favourites: “When you reach a fork in the road – take it.” Yogi Bear.’

Opinion of Hugh, 37, Development Manager

‘Richard, everything has gone crazy since we last met! Career has taken off and no time to sleep for social engagements! Feel so positive about the future and living for every moment, :-). Huge THANK YOU, take care.’

Opinion of Sophie, 28, Practice Manager

‘Before our session, Richard asked us to choose one thing we’d each like to change. I wanted Nick to initiate sex more, and Nick wanted sex more regularly. Arriving at Richard’s office two days later, he grilled us about our relationship. Hearing Nick’s answers showed how we share the same views. When Richard started asking about our sex life, it was bizarre, frankly. But when you remember how often counsellors talk about sex, you relax. He asked us to visualise the pressure we feel. The method was strange to accept, but then an image of a wall popped into my head – and then I saw it as something that could be removed. I also told Nick how much I fancy him. Richard encouraged us to examine why we feel the pressure to have perfect sex – and it’s because we’re scared of the relationship failing – and of getting hurt. Weirdly, just getting stuff off our chests lessened the pressure instantly.

‘The dynamics of our relationship have totally changed. I’ve made more effort and now I feel more inspired to try other new things. The session allowed us to explore and resolve our problems and I now feel closer to Nick than ever.’

Opinion of Kimberley, 25, Actress (quoted in April 2007 edition of NewWoman magazine)

‘I am getting on fine. No hunting high and low for spiders any more! I feel, I will no longer require your services in relation to this matter, so would very much appreciate a deposit refund. Once again, I thank you for helping me to be a free person.’

Opinion of Eudie, 34, Support Worker

‘First of all I would like to express my gratitude for your professional help throughout our sessions together. It has been a remarkable experience in terms of getting to know myself better and visualising my thoughts in a concrete manner.

‘I feel much more at ease with what I do on a daily basis and most of all, I realised that whatever I am doing, I am doing it for myself and for my own personal growth.’

Opinion of Robert, 26, Physiotherapist

‘I feel that the two sessions that I did have were useful, and they helped me to stop feeling so stuck. Things have become a lot better since the first session and I’m happy about that.’

Opinion of Tora, 32, Producer

‘I think I was depressed when I first started seeing Richard, literally held down by the weight of the emotions that I was feeling and too scared to let them out. Slowly at my own pace we worked together to let them out and peel back the layers that I had piled on top of myself.

‘Before, I was scared to feel things, mainly anger, frustration and sadness, pretending that I didn’t care. I now realise that nothing bad will happen if I let them out, Richard gave me a safe time and place to experiment with those feelings. He is nonjudgmental, supportive and doesn’t make you feel silly for being scared of stuff, I did feel self conscious at first but soon got over that and really came to look forward to my sessions. He gives you the confidence to just be and in an odd way for me it was like being given permission to love myself.

‘It hasn’t changed me as a person – just let the real me out into the open. The horrible nasty voice, that kept me feeling unworthy and small has gone and I can say that, actually I am happy with who I am.

‘I’m still a work in progress, but am now on the right path and always feel that I can go back to Richard for guidance if I need to in the future.

‘Richard, I thank you!’

Opinion of Emma, 33, Housewife